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This week I've got a few FOs, some new things on the needles and a review of 9 Months of Knitting! Full show notes can be found here.

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Jen's back after an unexpected hiatus with lots of FOs, tales from Jamaica and a perspective on the Marathon Bomber situation in Boston. For full show notes visit the Down Cellar Studio Blog.

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My first adventures in sock knitting, finally doing some scrapbooking and sewing. And we're finally seeing SNOW here in MA! All this and more on this episode. For full show notes, please go to the show blog.

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I apologize so very much for the coughing in this episode. I should be able to easily edit this out but GarageBand wasn't cooperating. So it was this or no episode at all. I do hope that its not too terribly annoying! Thanks for bearing with me.

Full show notes to be posted soon here.

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Thanks for tuning in for Episode 23 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.

This Week’s Segments Included:
Quick Update
Off the Needles
Crafty Adventures
From the Armchair
Life in Focus
Quote of the Week

Thank you all for your kind messages. My wrist surgery on 1/7 went well. I'll know more after my folllow-up appointment with my doctor soon, but I'm officially on the mend.

Off the Needles

Diagonal Eyelet Mitts
Sheep Shop Yarn

US 6 Needles


I'd like to create my own headband to use up last of Sheep Shop yarn using an i-cord cast on and i-cord edging and the diagonal eyelet pattern from the mitts.

Color work mitts - I have my eye on these Newfie Mittens

Lace jewelry frame

My next sweater??--- Oolong Cardigan by Laura Chau

Ripples shawl

Events- Out of This World KAL

Join us in the Out of this World Knit-a-Long with Sara & Lydia from Oh Loops!

4 month, 4 object knit a long
The challenge for each month will be posted in the last week of the previous month (January's is already posted here). Then you have the entire month to complete the 1 Object. You can post your FOs in both our group and in the OH Loops group to give you two chances to win!

Each month you will be asked to challenge yourself with new techniques, new colors and new patterns (all chosen at your discretion). There will be some guidance (example- in January you need to knit something for your hands) but otherwise you choose the specific pattern/yarn. You will only be required to purchase something new for the fourth and final project.

There are also Extra Credit Assignments which will only be posted in the Oh Loops Group. THey will be posted every other Friday. There will be smaller prizes up for grabs for doing the extra credit.

You must complete all 4 challenges to be entered to win

Prizes include
A skein of yarn from Oh! Loops Etsy Shop
Oh! Loops gift card
A coordinating project bag and notions bag from the amazing Silver Pumpkin Etsy shop (Don't forget-if you post your FO in both groups each month you have twice the chance to win)

Its not too late to enter- my mitts only took a couple hours!!

Come check out our January Chat Thread here.

January FOs should be posted here.

Crafty Adventures

I finally photographed my yarn stash!

I uploaded pics for a Shutterfly calendar and 2012 photo book

From the Armchair

-I finally started watching Downton AbbeyHomeland and The Mindy Project. Thoroughly enjoying them all.

-I also downloaded and started using these new apps
Wooly app
Afterglow app (heard about this from Elisa Blaha's Blog- check her out here)

Life in Focus
Challenge for the next 2 weeks-- take a self portrait

Don't forget to continue to think outside the box- take just your face, part of your face, another body part, maybe a silhouette. Get creative and post your photos here.

Quote of the Week

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Stephen Hawking

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Happy 2013! Thanks for tuning in. This week I talk about knitting, sewing, photography, announce winners for the Holiday KAL and announce a new, exciting KAL and lots lots more!

Full show notes can be found at my blog.

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Another silly episode where my Mom, Diane, joins me on the podcast. I share my Christmas crafting to date and then Mom and I reminisce about Christmas crafting (the good and the ugly) from Christmases' past... and other fun traditions.

Full show notes can be found here.

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This week I talk about my holiday knitting projects. a new photography podcast I've been listening to, some book reviews and other holiday related chatter.

Show notes will be posted here.

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Click here to find show notes for this and all episodes!

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Find all of the show notes here.

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