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Thank you for tuning in! Today we have lots of knitting (including 2 FOs!), some upcoming travel and some family stories. Check out the show notes here.

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Sorry for the issue with the first upload of this episode. Hopefully all is well now. Thanks for tuning in. Lots of FOs to discuss on this show. Some more Down Cellar Studio Progress and lots of other fun stuff.


Thanks as always for tuning in! I appreciate the download. If you're enjoying the show I'd greatly appreciate a star rating or review on iTunes!


Happy Knitting!

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Lots of WIPs this week, a couple book reviews and some other fun things I've tried out recently. Have you joined our Tan House Brook KAL yet? If not, tune in and think about joining us! Enjoy!

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I've caught the Stash Dash bug and want to knit (and crochet) all the things! Some travel stuff to share and a few fun stories! Thanks for tuning in!

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Thanks for tuning in to Episode 45. This week I have 1 FO, a few new WIPS, some yarn acquisitions, a Life in Focus segment about photographing your FOs, and a segment co-hosted by my niece Emelyn about our adventures at NH Sheep & Wool! Enjoy!

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A few items off the needles, a special guest, shawl KAL winners announced, the announcement of my first design & an upcoming KAL! SO much jammed into 1 hour! ENJOY!

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Thanks for tuning in! I'm celebrating 2 years of podcasting, a bunch of FOs and some other fun things to share!

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After a busy month of travel, Jen is back! With a number of projects off the needles, some travel adventures and yarny purchases there's a lot to chat about. Thanks for tuning in!

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The knitting is in high-gear. I've done some other crafty projects, had a yarn adventure in NYC and am experimenting with some new protein smoothies. Plus- a review of Subversive Socks from Cooperative Press! Thanks for tuning in! Enjoy1 :)

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Happy 2014 Everyone! Lots of FO this week, recap of 2013 and goals for 2014. Come join in the fun!

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