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Thank you for tuning in to Episode 135 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. Full show notes with photos can be found at:
This week's segments included:
  • Off the Needles
  • On the Needles
  • Crafty Adventures
  • KAL News
  • Events
  • Contest, News & Notes
  • Life in Focus
  • Ask Me Anything
  • On a Happy Note
  • Quote of the Week

Off the Needles

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Felici (Self Striping) in the Witch's Brew Colorway with Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in the Ash Colorway for contrast
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm)
  • Pattern: OMG Heel by Megan Williams

On the Needles

  • Hook: C yarn
  • Plan: 3 large granny squares, bordered with cream or gray (TBD), 4-5 rows
  • Inspiration: BetsyMakes Project
  • Yarn: leftovers and mini skeins (fingering weight yarn)
  • Takes about 6 grams per round on outside.  Plan is to do 3 rounds in a solid, cream color around each of the 12 squares. 12 squares with 3 rounds of cream- 18g per square- 216 grams required (I'll buy 3 skeins)
  • 12 squares (3x4)  at 18 inches each will yield a 54 inch by 72 inch blanket. 
Pattern: Mezzo Cardigan by Alexis Winslow $7
Needles: US 10 (6.0 mm)
  • “DK” Mystery skeins (pink and grays). Exact yardage not known. Yarn purchased from Sweitzer’s Fiber Mill at Rhinebeck 2017.  3 skeins blush pink, 2 skeins of dark gray, 1 skein light gray. 3 50gram skeins of Plymouth DK Merino in white looks a bit more cream to me).
  • Held with Fingering. 2 skeins of Legacy Fiber Artz also purchased this year. The Mayor (grays, pinks, cream and bits of rust), Edwards Scissorshands- cream base with blush pink and small pops of charcoal. Light gray Cloudborn Highland Superwash Sock (2 50 gram skeins).
  • Pattern: Non-Eucilidian by Sarah Jordan
  • Yarn: Olann Hand Dyed in Ireland Sock Lite in the Pewter Colorway
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm)
  • Yarn: Bergere de France Goomy 50 in the Imprim Bleu color way
  • Pattern: OMG Heel
  • Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)
  • Yarn: Twisted Owl Fiber Studio 2-ply Sock (80/20 SW Merino Nylon) 400 yards for 100g in the Poison Ivy Colorway (red/green variegated)
  • Pattern: TBD
  • Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)
  • Cast on 56 stitches with 1x1 twisted rib. Cuff down. Heel TBD

Crafty Adventures

  • Finished Collage Walls!! 
  • #the100dayproject- #100daysofsharing journaling prompts with my best friend Kris using mini albums I've made/am making for us 
    • I used two Arc system note books at Staples
    • I used the Levenger Circa 1-2-3 portable punch to punch holes in paper. This punch is available for $18 on Amazon
    • If you have a punch and can make your own covers you don't even need the notebook
    • It's been a great way to use scraps and supplies I'll likely never fully use up anyways.
  • I've done some sketching and drawing in a mixed media notebook I bought last year. I also purchased a 12 color Reeves watercolor paint set at Michaels for about $6 and had fun playing with it! 

KAL News

Slay the Stash 2018
  • Each month you can declare a skein of yarn to knit/crochet/weave to its very end. Let’s use up those older special skeins that are soooo pretty we don’t want to touch them. In 2018, we are turning those sacred skeins into beautiful projects you can enjoy-- and maybe win a new beautiful skein of yarn from one of our sponsors along the way! Full details and rules can be found here.
  • Use and follow #slaythestash2018 on Social Media
  • Check out the April Thread
  • Tune in to see if you're the March winner!
Slay the Stash 2018: Sponsor List
Splash Pad Party! Are you ready?!
What is the Splash Pad Party?
  • Make-along that runs June 1-July 31.
  • Official Rules can be found here.
  • The current list of sponsors is below. It will be updated until the time
  • The Prize Thread is open and ready. Our Pro Shop Sponsors will be offering up some amazing Exclusive Products. Check back to this thread often to get the first look!
  • Interested in sponsoring?- Sponsor Spots available
Pro Shop Sponsors (to date)
Snack Shack (to date)


2018 Box O' Balls Round Robin Mini Swap: sign up anytime during 2018.  Shipping cost of $13.50 (within US; have option to send Internationally) The contents will include: at least 20 mini yarn balls (each ball will be minimum of 5g/ 20 yards) to choose from, a handwritten note or card and a small gift. Find all of the details in this thread in the Ravelry Group.

Festival Schedule
  • #the100dayproject
100daysoflists with my bFF
-posting on IG not every day so it doesn't fill up my feed. just prompts I came up with. If you want me to list some in the group as a kick off for chatter later me know. I'd love to hear your answers!

Contest, News & Notes

My latest shawl design, Jean Marie, is now available on Ravelry!
It is on sale for only $3 until 4/21 (no coupon code required)- after that it will go up to the regular price of $6.
Jean Marie is a top-down half-hexagon shawl designed for 3 colors of Ross Farm Sport weight yarn. It uses simple knit, purl and slipped stitches to create three distinct textures- one for each color.  The result is a very wearable, warm shawl that sits nicely on the shoulders. It is also great for use with commercial or handspun yarn in a single solid, tonal or variegated yarn. You can easily use Sport or DK weight! 


Ask me Anything
This episode I answered a question from SewRunKnit about how to photograph FOs late at night before a KAL deadline.
  • First tip would be-- take the best photo you can without killing yourself. Consider more of a proof of life so you're eligible for the contest and then after you post- delete those photos so you HAVE to take a better photo in the daylight. Natural light photos always come out best, especially if your photography skills are limited.

But if you do have to shoot inside your house at midnight when the lighting is dim at best- here are my best tips:

  1. Find the best possible light your house has to offer.
  2. Try to find a lighter background to shoot agains
  3. Shoot straight at your FO instead of looking down on it, if possible.
If using DSLR Camera (some require a built-in flash)
  1. Shoot in Aperture priority mode- and look for a low F stop number. Raise your ISO-. You may need a tripod or self timer because shake from hand can ruin the shot. Sometimes this is still really tricky and if we're going for simple it may not be your best bet.
  2. Use a flash but diffuse the light. Some options:
    • Use the flash with tissue over it
    • Hold a white index card/paper at a 45 degree angle in front of your flash, and take your shot. The light should hit the card, bounce to the ceiling, and spread out the light.
    • Cut a water bottle and place over flash to diffuse light
    • DIY diffuser tutorial
    • Pop-up flash tips
If using your smart phone to take photos
  1. Tap screen to focus, picking the darkest area. The camera should adjust and brighten it up some.
  2. Find a better camera app. I like the Camera Plus app. It allows you to adjust the brightness.

On a Happy Note

  • Easter with my big, crazy family was tons of fun, especially the egg hunt with the kiddos.
  • Lunch with Holli with Qdoba!
  • Date night Dan at a new local restaurant
  • My Aunt Florence's 90th brithday!
  • Starting #the100dayproject with Kris. I've also opened a thread in the Ravelry Group if you want to share your answers to the prompts
  • Taking time for a mini-retreat day at home while Dan was away (and before the chaos of the musical really ramps up)
  • Birthday breakfast with my 2 besties and my niece Hattie

Quote of the Week

"To blame someone for not understanding you fully is deeply unfair because, first of all, we don't understand ourselves, and even if we do understand ourselves, we have such a hard time communication ourselves to other people. Therefore, to be furious and enraged and bitter that people don't get all of who we are is a really cruel piece of immaturity."
 Alain De Botton
Thank you for tuning in!
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