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Thank you for tuning in to Episode 80 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast.

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This week's segments included:

  • Off the Needles
  • On the Needles
  • Brainstorming
  • From the Armchair
  • Crafty Adventures
  • Knitting in Passing
  • Events
  • Contest, News & Notes
  • On a Happy Note
  • Pigskin Party KAL

Off the Needles 

Easy Coasters  (times 2)image

  • C hook
  • Worsted/dk scraps

Riley’s Christmas Dollimage

  • Pattern (Crochet): by Nicky Blade called NickyBlade Doll Pattern- free Ravelry download
  • C hook (2.75mm)
  • Cascade 220 superwash, cream for skin, gray, blue and a purple.
  • Girl with brown hair- shirt, pants and shoes. simple but really cute. looks like riley’s style

The Force Awakens Hatimageimage

  • Pattern: The Force Awakens Hat by Hannah L (free)
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Sport & Schachenmayr Extra Fine Merino DK (very light DK) seems lighter than the Sport
  • Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm)

Storm Trooper (#2)image

  • Pattern by Lucy Collins from Star Wars Crochet Hook
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash
  • Hook: C

On the Needles

  • Yarn: Marigold Jen- Merry & Bright (purchased at MD Sheep & Wool)
  • Needles: US 1.5
  • Pattern: OMG Heel by Megan Williams


I am working on a hat to match my Tan House Brook shawl design.

From the Armchair

Update on 2015 goals

  • Knit from my well curated stash
    • Started 2015 with 96 skeins in stash. Ended the year with 55! (not including WIPs)
  •  Challenge myself more
    • Took workshop with Susan B Anderson at Vogue Knitting Live 2015
    • Finally did some real colorwork (Baa-ble hat and Force Awakens Hat)
    • I learned a lot of crochet techniques through my adventures in Star Wars toy making
  • Publish at least 2 if not more patterns in 2015.
  • Knit for me (meaning knit at least 10 more things for me and keep the ratio from 2014). In 2015 I knit 18 items for me!

2015 Recap

I listed the number and types of items I made this year. You can find the details on this tab of my Projects Page. I referenced Michelle of Actually Knitting Podcast. In her recent episodes she's done a serials of Knitting Talk Backs about how to make the most of our Ravelry.

2016 goals

More to come on this next episode but I do want to join my local knitting group's "12 months to Christmas KAL" where we make 1 Christmas gift every month of the year to be more ready come Christmas 2016.

On this episode I reviewed Fix-a-Stitch. Check out the videos on the Fix-a-Stitch YouTube Channel to see how this clever tool works.

Want a chance to win a set? Come over to the DCS Ravelry Group and enter by answering the prompt on the Fix-a-Stitch Contest Thread.

Crafty Adventures

Coloring Book and pencils from my brothers kids for Christmas. They gave me these colored pencils which makes the experience more enjoyable!

Knitting in Passing

This week we have some audio from my good friend Devon who is traveling around the world. She met a very unique knitter in Morocco and would like you to meet him! Definitely check out this post!

This massive ball of yarn is not the only interesting knit bit she found in Morocco.
Weaving and wool plays a strong rule in traditional Moroccan culture. What she has discovered is far from traditional, but wonderful none the less.
 I hope you enjoyed this little visit from Devon!


Contest, News & Notes

Enter for your chance to win a beautiful skein of yarn from Riot of Color by following the prompt on this thread in the Down Cellar Studio Ravelry Group. 

On a Happy Note

  • I worked the door and throughly enjoyed the kids' Christmas dance recital.image
  • Dan helped with ALL THE WRAPPING! Love him!image
  • Going to see Mary Poppins with the famimage
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with familyimageimageimage
  • Highlights of my gifts:
    • Handsewn cosmetic case from my best friend Kris using a Tutorial on Pinterest using a placement.
    • A new coloring book with these pencils (love these pencils much more than the ones I had been using)
    • Plaid scarf from my Momimage
    • Sock Knitter Profile kit from Mom! (I also announced the Sock Knitter Profile Bag Contest Winner!)image
    • Camera strap with a scarf-like piece! floral print.image
  • Stars Hollow print!!!image

Pigskin Party KAL

Thank you to our Headline Sponsors!

I announced winners of the WIPs Interception and the December Bingo Winners! December Huddle and Instagram winners will be announced on Episode 81.

Thank you for tuning in!

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Thank you for tuning in to Episode 79of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. This week's segments included:
  • Off the Needles
  • On the Needles
  • Brainstorming
  • From the Armchair
  • Crafty Adventures
  • Events
  • Contest, News & Notes
  • On a Happy Note
  • Pigskin Party KAL

Off the Needles


Obi Wan (with cape)  - purchased pattern separately from Etsy from Lucy Collinsimage

  • Pattern: Puppy and his Daddy by  Ana Paula Rimoli  from The Big Book of Little Amigurumi
  • Hook: C 2.75mm
  • Yarn: Plymouth encore- brown, leftover from Star Wars crochet & creamy/tan color
  • Big black nose & eyes from 6060 on Etsy!
  • Pattern- my design
  • US 7 (4.5mm) needles
  • Yarn:
    • Oh Loops Platinum Sock- Voyage Colorway- blue
    • Cascade Heritage Silk- White
    • Two Guys Yarn Co- The Standard in Sock base in Summer Solstice Colorway- purple
  • Pattern: Scrubbie Dots by  Doni Speigle
  • Hook: H
  • Yarn: Lilly Sugar and Cream Yarn
  • I expanded it to make it larger using basic circular crochet increases. Made about 4-5 total this seasonimageimage
  • Pattern: Updated Parkspin Slippers by Joan Janes (free)
  • Needles: US 8
  • Worsted weight yarn held doubled.
  • Pattern: Little Waiting for Winter Mittens by Susan B Anderson $4 US
  • Needles: US 6 (Calls for 7s)
  • Riley Yarn: Berrocco Vintage & Plymouth Encore: Added length to the hand based on the drawing I took of Riley's hand
  • Millie Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash (purple) & Lana Gatto Super Soft Pink- Color 5240: Made hand a little longer. Added 4 stitches after thumb gusset. Details in project page on Ravelry

On the Needles

  • Pattern (Crochet): by Nicky Blade called NickyBlade Doll Pattern- free Ravelry download
  • C hook (2.75mm)
  • Cascade 220 superwash, cream for skin, gray, blue and a purple.
  • Girl with brown hair- shirt, pants and shoes. simple but really cute. looks like riley's style
Storm Trooper (yes another)


Joy from movie Inside Out crochet pattern by Allison McDonough $5.00 pattern. Wanted to make for Riley- my brother actually suggested but I can't find just the right green for her dress.
Also found an eBook of 5 Doc McStuffins character crochet patterns also by Allison McDonough.
Bought the yarn on the way home today to start The Force Awakens Hat

From the Armchair 


Crafty Adventures

I've been sewing iined draw string bag from this tutorial.
I highly recommend photo calendars from Picaboo (for yourself or as gifts)


  • Vogue Knitting Live– January 15-17, New York City I’m taking a shawl design class on Friday with Susan B Anderson and attending the Market on Saturday.
  • Stitches West– February 18-21 in Santa Clara, CA --Saturday afternoon-podcaster meet-up! Details to come!

Contest News & Notes

I announced the winners of Jenn Sheelen Contest from Episode 78.
New contest for this episode: Sock Knitter Profile Bag kindly offered up by One Twisted Tree


Becky Kelly from Knit Actually Podcast is hosting Knit Nosh event on January 23, 2016 at 12:30 pm at Samples World Bistro in Longmont, CO. The yarn companies providing yarn for the event are Bijou Basin Ranch, MJ Yarns, Skeindalous , Knerd. Tickets are still available. Details are available on her website.

On a Happy Note

  • I will be reviewing the Madelyn Tote bag from Pearl and Plum next month but it's already making me very happy and so I wanted to share! W
  • 2 kids sleepovers in 2 weeks! (including some audio from Riley who is 7 and Millie who is 3)
  • Having a sewing day with my best friend in lieu of Christmas shopping
  • At our friends Christmas Party I offered up some Tittens for the Yankee Swap. It was VERY well received!image
  • My co-workers and I ordered under desk exerciser that I heard about on Savvy Girls Podcast and I really like it. image
Pigskin Party KAL
WIPs Interception: runs November 10 – December 25— 8 awesome prizes which I announced in Episode 77
Check out this thread for details and to chat & post your finished objects in this thread to be entered for prizes. This is the only time during this 5 month long KAL that you can finish WIPs earn some points so take advantage!
High Fives going on now until Sunday 12/20!
Happy Holidays, Merry merry christmas, happy knitting, talk to you next time!
(This episode ends with a little bit of audio of my niece Millie singing. Hope you enjoy it)
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