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Thank you for tuning in to Episode 102 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. This week's segments included:
Off the Needles
On the Needles
Knitting in Passing
KAL News
Contest, News & Notes
Life in Focus
Ask Me Anything
On a Happy Note
Quote of the Week
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Off the Needles

  • Pattern: OMG heel by Megan Williams
  • Yarn: Wild Hare Fiber Studio Pinnacle Fingering in Hope Colorway
  • Needles- US 1 (2.25mm)
  • 56 stitches
3 baskets

On the Needles

  • Pattern: Sunwalker by Melanie Berg
  • Yarn: Sun Valley Fibers MCS (Merino Cashmere Silk) Fingering in Kensington Colorway
  • Needles: US 5 (3.75 mm)
  • Cast on initially and was knitting with the textured pattern called for. Talking too long. Beautiful texture but taking too long. The effect while beautiful wasn’t worth the effect. Ripped out after a few inches. Switched to garter stitch using increases called for.
  • Planning to make it smaller than originally called for. Notes from this Ravelry Project Page as my guide.
  • Yarn: Legacy Fiber Arts in the Steel Toes base. Colorway:  Sue Says So
  • Needles: US 1.5 for ribbing and US 2 for body
  • Pattern: None. Cast on 56 with US 1.5 needles.  Switch to US 2 after ribbing. Knit one inch then increased to 60 stitches. 16 inches long for Riley who is 8 years old.
  • Pattern: Christmas Stockings to Knit and Crochet by Family Circle  (originally in November 1977 magazine) Was reprinted in 90's got off ebay. made one for my cousin's daughter in 2014
  • Hook: F (3.75 mm)
  • Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool
  • Pattern: Spacious OMG
  • Yarn: Regia Jean Style Color
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm)
Grammy's shawl
  • Yarn: Ross Farm Shetland 3 ply sport
  • Needles: US 8
  • Pattern: New design, half hex like My Own Backyard


Christmas Knitting/Crochet plans:

Crafty Adventures

I'm working on my annual photo calendars from Picaboo

Knitting in Passing

  • On this episode I shared three stories about knitting as it popped up in conversation at work, on the train, and in my car.

KAL News

12 Months to Christmas KAL
12 Months to Christmas KAL Prizes!
  • Amplitude Shawl pattern by Greg Cohoon
  • Skein of Worsted weight yarn from Tink Yarn in Lady Luck colorway
  • Project bag from Freckled Whimsey- navy with hearts. Good sock size. Removeable wristlet strap.
  • Ripple Ribbed Socks pattern by Susie White
Post your FO photo and details in the Big Bad Berg Along FO Thread in the Down Cellar Studio Podcast Ravelry Group 87 entries so far! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Even if you're not participating go over and check out the thread. Chatter thread has been really fun. You are all such great cheerleaders for each other. Love seeing that!
Pigskin Party
Our 3rd annual make-along hosted in the Down Cellar Studio Podcast Ravelry Group that runs during the NFL football season September 8- February 6th (Monday after Superbowl- you can knit and post photos on that last day) The more projects you finish, the more touchdowns and field goals you’ll score and the more points you earn. You can also increase your score by using products from our awesome sponsors or meeting other challenges and by recruiting new team members. The more points you have, the more entries you get for the prize drawings. We also have lots of prizes reserved for participation  on Ravelry and Instagram to keep it fun and light if you’re not a hardcore player.  You can participate in as much or as little as you like. In short- it’s 5 months of fun, chatter, some good healthy banter and of course PRIZES!
Pigskin Party ’16
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Key Details Mentioned in this Episode
10/10 Bingo winner- chiromom2- pattern from Becky Kelly- chose:  Bijou Creek Cowl.
  • WIPs Interception- runs through 12/31
  • Mini Skein Interception- sponsored by Fibernymph Dye Works
    • Use one or more mini skeins to make a project from start to finish (adding to a cozy memories blanket won't start). Must be a new cast-on and cast off.
    • Runs December 1- January 15th
    • Take photo of your mini skeins before. Make project.
    • Come chat about it here
    • Enter to win prizes:
    • Will pull for prizes.
      • A copy of the book Mini Skein Knits and two sets of Fibernymph Dye Works minis.
      • Nahst Designs- medium sized project back with zipper- black with plaid print. Easily fit a shawl or 2 socks. Includes notions pouch.
      • Lilliput Yarn- skein of self striping in winner's choice of team colors (or whatever colors you like from her selection)
    • Enter for points: in your End Zone Dance Thread
      • 150 points for using Fibernymph Dye Works Mini Skeins (sponsor of this Interception)*
      • 50 points for using mini skeins from any Pigskin Party ‘16 Sponsor (Pro Shop or Field Sponsor)*
      • Plus your yardage, special teams points you’d already be eligible for.
      • *Doesn't matter if you use one mini skein or 10, max is 150 pts for using Fibernymp and 50 points for using a Pro Shop or Field Sponsor yarn
    • Check the Ravelry Board- Lisa (jamlknitter) is going to start a thread announcing a Mini Skein swap.


Vogue Knitting Live- NYC  January 13-15, 2017

Contest, News & Notes

I pulled a winner of Filament No 1 Fall 2016 ebook
Thank you for the support for my new shawl design- My Own Backyard
I pulled a winner for the pattern and the gradient kit from Dragonfly Fibers.

Life in Focus 

In this episode I talked about cleaning out my closet, getting rid of me old, too-large clothes and how that morphed into participating in the *minsgame. I listen to an audio podcast called the Slow Home Podcast and in the month of October they were doing a Minimalist Challenge called the Minsgame where they invite listeners to play along.

Ask Me Anything

SaraknitsKC asks: "Can you talk more about your virtual knit nights? How did you find a group? Sounds like a lot of fun!"
My groups found me. But I'd highly recommend it. We use Google Hangout- details on how to start a video chat.

On a Happy Note

  • Making lifetime in Weight Watchers!
  • Cooking chili!
  • My friend Laura came to visit last weekend. We checked out these vendors at a local craft fair (our favorites)
  • Gilmore Girls, tacos and good friends! 
Quote of the Week
Attention is the most basic form of love. By paying attention we let ourselves be touched by life, and our hearts naturally become more open and engaged. -Tara Brach
Thank you for tuning in!
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